Does New Content Influence Google Rankings?

We know how Google works. You type in a query and it brings you millions of results, although you rarely look past the first two or three on the initial search results page. When Google selects which content to present first, what does the search engine look for? Does new content influence Google rankings? Should you be periodically updating your website to freshen content and hopefully maintain better placement on a search results page?

Does It Matter If Content Is Fresh?

Yes and no. Honestly, this depends on what the person is searching for. For example, if you are looking up a recent event, say a piece of celebrity gossip, Google will tend to reward the freshest content the highest position. This is because Google’s bots see other people searching for the same topic and assume it’s a recent story that requires the latest information. However, should you search for the location of a dentist, or an issue that requires a dental professional, Google may instead search for older content that appears to address the query instead.

What If I Update Content?

Updating content can help. Giving new content for bots to crawl and index can indeed give you a higher ranking in some cases. However, updating doesn’t refer to just changing a sentence here or there. Small changes may simply be ignored. Major changes to a page, including paragraphs of information, could actually be considered fresh content that requires crawling and indexing.

Should I Add More Pages?

Adding new pages or new blog posts is the best way to get your website crawled and indexed again. Providing content that is original, unique, and not a rehash of older pages or posts can help boost your rankings.

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