Does Every Dentist Need a Website?

Does Your Dental Practice Need — Really Need — a Website?

Yes. I have worked for people who say no. Their thought is similar to the owners of many successful private dental practices: If your practice is doing well and you don’t need any more new patients, then you don’t need a website. This is simply not true. In this situation, you may not need a strong search engine optimization strategy, but every business needs a website. It should be as standard as having a phone line and electricity.

Recently 1& 1 Internet conducted a poll that found up to 40% of small businesses don’t have a website. I personally research dental marketing with our sales department, and I’ve witnessed many dentists who engage in social networking (halfheartedly) but don’t invest in a website. Not even a one-page advertisement with a phone number. Others don’t have anything but a listing on

In fact, I’ve heard business people say, SEO isn’t a big deal; I don’t need a website; Internet marketing is overrated.

I want you to consider this sobering graveyard and sick bay:

Washington Mutual died September 26, 2008
Delta Airlines died September 14, 2005
Enron died February 12, 2001
Mervyn’s died, 2008
Chrysler died, 2009
Bloomingdale’s – bankruptcy
Eddie Bauer – bankruptcy
Levitz Furniture – bankruptcy
Chicago Cubs – bankruptcy
LA Dodgers – bankruptcy
Marie Callender’s – bankruptcy
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer – bankruptcy
…and the list goes on.

You cannot tell the future, and you never know when your business will be hit by something that causes a reduction in new patients… or worse, current patients.

  • Someone could construct a building or move roads that make your office hard to find. You could lose your parking lot, which would frustrate patients. Your building owner could sell, and you may have to find a new property; that could mean a change of location for you… would your patients like it?
  • A giant dental chain with cheap prices and fancy décor could go up right next to your office. Regardless of how wonderful you are, you could lose patients; this would also make it harder to bring in new patients.
  • You or a family member could (God forbid) become ill, and you may have to sell your practice to help or to move to another state. A high number of new patients each month would make your practice more valuable to potential buyers.

These are just a few instances in which having a solid online reputation beforehand would put you in a better position for forced changes. If you think that you don’t need a website, you are wrong. That’s just the cold, hard truth. (Side note: Our customers are always right, but our customers have MDPM websites.)

If you are a dentist in need of a website, whether you want the site to draw in a herd of new patients or you plan to sell your practice, and you know that a website in good standing will make increase the practice’s value, call or email Modern Dental Practice Marketing today. I’m Jill Duty, COO. My partner, Jill Nastasia, CEO, and I personally accept all incoming calls. We’re happy to answer your questions, go over options, and help you find the right website solution for your practice’s current needs.