Do You ‘Tube? Incorporating Video into Your Online Marketing

If you’ve ever frittered away your lunch break on YouTube searching for the Harlem Shake or that weird squealing frog, you know firsthand the power of online videos. The average YouTube user spends between 15-25 minutes per visit, often returning to the site several times in a single day. It’s the second-largest search engine and the proving ground for viral content. It’s increasingly accessed by mobile users, which means that your message is quite literally at your audience’s fingertips almost 24/7.

Popular topics for dentist YouTube videos

Your Search Rankings Will Thank You

Then there’s the Google factor. Google loves YouTube videos, which works to your advantage in matters of SEO. And let’s be honest here: If it’s good enough for Google, it’s good enough for your online persona. Videos are postable, pinnable, tweetable, and linkable. They’re multisensory, making them more memorable and eye-catching than straight text. The combination of sight and sound allows for a richer, clearer means of communication that incorporates both verbal and nonverbal cues–gestures, facial expressions, tone, and inflection.

Because of this depth and range, a video can satisfy any number of objectives, no matter how eclectic. Your video content strategy can be entertaining, inspiring, educational, demonstrative,  persuasive, or even downright artsy. The sample topics above are a good starting point.

Maintaining your own YouTube channel is relatively simple and doesn’t require an enormous investment of time. We’ve seen dentists enjoy excellent results uploading only one or two videos each week. And while it’s best to have a professional look and feel to your videos, nobody expects you to direct the next Gone With the Wind. Of course we can help you with the video production if needed.

YouTube Too Intimidating? Try Vine

And I’d be completely remiss if I didn’t mention Vine, which is essentially a bite-sized version of YouTube. Each vine is a six-second video clip that loops endlessly, or you can combine several still images together for the duration. Six seconds doesn’t sound like a lot of time to explain, say, the merits of dental implants–save that for YouTube. I’d like to see pictures of a patient’s teeth taken at intervals over the course of their treatment–much more effective than a single “before and after” shot. Another reason to love vine is the fact that creating clips is as simple as downloading the app, and there’s no need for special cameras or equipment.

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