Do You Know Your Patients’ Family Trees?

When a patient comes to your practice he/she is looking for a professional who can improve the health and possibly the appearance of his/her smile. As the doctor, how much should you know about the patient’s family tree? Is a patient’s family history crucial for maintaining optimal oral health?

Why Should You Know Your Patient’s Family Tree?

If you’re treating a whole family, which isn’t uncommon, especially in smaller communities, you work with children and adults. If adults have a high risk of periodontal disease, dental caries, or malocclusion, then you know there’s a chance their children have similar risk factors. When meeting a new patient you should discuss his/her medical history and his/her family’s medical history. You can then make a more accurate diagnosis.

From a marketing standpoint, this may not seem related. What does family history and prevention have to do with marketing? The fact is, you can have an incredible dental website, regularly updated blog, and a top notch SEO strategy, but if you can offer quality care and services, it won’t matter. Prevention and an accurate understanding of your patients’ healthy and medical history can help you provide the level of care necessary to warrant future leads and referrals.


You can then take steps to help your younger patients avoid the onset of serious oral health problems. One, you can remind of the importance of prevention. Discussing proper brushing and flossing can help your patients enjoy a healthier smile and avoid gum issues and problems related to decay. In addition, you know what warning signs to watch for to improve your patients’ oral health.

Encourage Referrals

When you provide quality care to your patients, they may be more likely to recommend friends or family. To create a successful dental practice, your marketing strategy should encourage referrals. Providing businesses cards, discounts to patients who refer friends or family, can help your practice grow.

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