Did Google Make An Algorithm Change?

For most people, Labor Day weekend was a pretty uneventful affair. They enjoyed the time off or maybe gathered with family to enjoy one last outdoor BBQ before the weather turns cold. However, for those interested in the world of search engine optimization (SEO), this weekend marked a possible change to Google’s algorithm. Did Google make an algorithm change over the weekend? If so, what does this mean for you and your website or business?

SERP Monitors and Non-Denials

No big announcement hit the web, so why are so many people sure something big happened? First, people noticed major turbulence regarding SERP (search enginge response page) monitoring tools. These tools, which include the MozCast tool, monitor changes in Google’s algorithms. On Thursday, September 2nd, there was major activity. When digital marketing strategist Dawn Anderson asked Google’s John Mueller over Twitter if changes were made, he gave a non-denial that would make a White House Press Secretary proud, tweeting “We make a ton of updates that don’t get announced (at 1000+/year, that would be hard).”

Is Penguin Finally Here?

Do we know what changes occurred? No, not exactly. However, experts have a few guesses, but the most interesting one involves the long awaited Penguin 4.0 update. We’ve covered the Penguin update in previous blogs assuring people that as long as you practice white hat tactics in your SEO strategy, the update shouldn’t have a negative effect on your rankings. Therefore, since we’ve been waiting for the update since March, and since rolling out this update would definitely cause some turbulence, it’s not far-fetched to wonder if the activity on Thursday marked the roll-out of the fabled Penguin 4.0.

How Do the Changes Impact You?

At the moment, we can only guess what the changes will be. However, if you continue to practice solid SEO techniques, including long-tail keyword placement, use of organic links, local SEO, and providing original content in your blog and website, then the updates shouldn’t cause your ranking to tumble. However, we will continue to follow these developments and if Google announces something concrete, we will let you know.

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