Guest Blogging: A Proven Link Building Strategy for Dentist Websites

First of all, let’s explore what link building is. Google gives your dentist website SEO credit if links to your site come from reputable, related resources. For instance, if the American Dental Association linked to your website, you’d get some really good credit. Likewise, if your fellow dentists linked to your site, Google may rank your dentist website higher for keyword phrases related to the link. Of course, you can’t expect competing dentists to link to your website, and you certainly shouldn’t link to theirs. However, you can take a healthy approach to link building to promote you and your peers who live in other regions.

What’s In It for Me?

If you approach a dentist you met at the Midwinter in Chicago, and you ask him to link to your dentist website from his, he’s going to immediately wonder, what’s in it for him? So, instead of being so bold as to ask an acquaintance to give you something for nothing, consider a different approach.

Link Swapping Isn’t Great

You might think, let’s swap links. I’ll link place a link on my Dallas dental practice website to his Des Moines dentist website. He can do the opposite. Even trade, right? Well, experts say that direct link swapping isn’t necessarily all it seems. The two of you may actually cancel each other’s credit. Besides, where would you put his link, in the footer or sidebar? Google doesn’t place much, if any, weight on links in these locations. So, what’s the answer?

Blog Swapping

For years now, savvy Internet marketers have blog swapped, or guest blogged. Perhaps you’ve received an email from someone who proposes to write a blog to post on your website, at no cost to you. My bet is, this writer will embed links to his client’s dental website. He’ll place those links on strategic keywords. Sure, you’ll get more original content on your blog, maybe on a very interesting topic, but the writer’s client will get the real benefit. This writer probably composes blogs for many dentists’ websites. His goal is to fuel backlinks to his client dentist’s site. It’s all about building reputable backlinks for better SEO.

Approaching a Peer

I suggest that if you blog, or if MDPM Consulting blogs on your behalf, you send the blog post you’re reading right now to your colleagues in different regions. I recommend that you and about 10 colleagues guest blog for one another, and include strategic links to build credit for each other’s websites. This is not just a good idea, it’s a FABULOUS idea that’s proven to work.

If you’d like to discuss blogging or guest blogging with me, simply give me a call at MDPM Consulting today, at 972-781-8861. I’m the COO, as well as a professional dental copywriter, and I’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. I’ll even help you compose the email to send your peers!