Dentist Guest Blogs & SEO Booster

Have you heard about guest blogs and backlinks? Both are great for SEO. Here’s the scoop:

Backlinks: The best backlinks for search engine optimization (SEO) are hyperlinks to your dental website from another dental-related website…or blog.

Guest Blogs: Guest blogs are blogs written by a friend or expert, then posted on your blog. The most beneficial guest blogs have original text that isn’t and will never be published elsewhere online.

It’s All About SEO

The benefit of having guest blog posts on your blog are twofold. 1) Your blog gets more content for Google to index, and that’s always good. 2) You can swap guest posts, so that you get to be a guest blogger and reap the benefits of backlinks to your website or blog. At MDPM, we want to help you maximize online marketing so that you get lots of traffic, and as a result, lots of new patients.

Get in the Game with Guest Blogging

If you would like to try guest blogging, send me an email. I’ll partner you with another dentist who is not in your region. You can check out the “partner” dentist’s website and blog, if you like. Then, with the approval of both parties, we’ll ghostwrite search engine optimized guest blogs and post them. You will get a well written, professional blog post on a non-competing dentist’s blog. The post will include backlinks and be written by your current MDPM content manager — a writer who knows you, your target market, and your services.

In return, the non-competing dentist’s guest blog will be posted on your blog. Our writers will write all of the posts, so they will be top-notch. Cost of this service is $99 per guest blog. Let me know if you’re interested!

More Backlinks, Bookmarks, and Boosting

If your SEO needs a boost — your rankings aren’t what they need to be — our new SEO Booster program might be just what you need. The services is like a 5-hour energy drink for a dental website. It includes: RSS submissions; 2 ore more custom articles posted on dental sites; pingbot submissions; backlinks on dental sites; bookmarking; Google+ post from MDPM; and comments with backlinks. You can add this powerful SEO energy shot to your Internet marketing strategy any time you like. We recommend the SEO Booster for new websites, websites that aren’t ranking high but have all the essential elements for good SEO, or as a monthly supplement to an aggressive SEO strategy. If you sign up for monthly SEO Booster, we’ll include an additional service — linking to your blog posts from about 20 different bookmarks and social networking sites.

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One more thing – over the next month, we’re posting articles to for all of our blog clients, at no charge. Your article will be a brief overview of your services, but it will contain hard-core SEO tactics, including backlinks to your website. Why are we doing this? Because your success is our success. It’s that simple.