Dentist Marketing Piece by Piece


This is part three in our series on dental marketing SEO.

I often field questions about domain names for dentists — and I’m happy to do so! Every little bit of SEO credit you can get counts toward the overall results of your website’s rankings. Choosing domain names strategically can give you a little more credit.

Common concerns are: what to consider when selecting a new domain, whether multiple domains are a good idea, and if a new site should go on a new domain or an existing domain. Some general rules for domains are…

  • Selecting a domain with your city and the word “dentist” or your dental specialty is always a good idea. However, you should also purchase your name with DDS or DMD behind it, and with Dr. before it. Remember, if you don’t someone else will!
  • If you’ve had dental information on a domain for any length of time, that domain is more valuable than a new one. This means, if you have a website and you’re building a new site, transfer the new site to the old domain instead of placing it on a new domain.
  • Always buy the domain on which your site will sit for 10 years at a time. Google appreciates your commitment and will reward you with SEO credit. Additional domains can be redirected to your main site until you need one to hold a blog or microsite.
  • Anyone can purchase a domain name with your practice name or actual name. It has nothing to do with whether your name is a registered trademark. Internet law is still evolving, and unscrupulous competitors may take advantage of the system — to your demise. Be smart. Purchase your practice name as a domain, if it’s available, as well as your name, dr your name, and your name dds or dmd.
  • A domain is not all you need for a website or blog. You also need hosting.
  • A typical domain with .com costs about $9-12. Popular domains ( can run thousands of dollars, if they are available.
  • A .com is the most popular domain, but having a .net, .info, or .org isn’t bad. The .org is most often used for a non-profit organization or a club. The newest domain extension Because it’s new, .co extensions can cost a bit more. My advice is, buy the .com if it’s available.

What does your online presence need?
Your online presence and reputation are built by all of the information about you, not just what you claim on your website. In addition to reviewing your site’s content, metadata, and links, you need to look at your local listings, social networking profiles, HealthGrades, blog or microsites, patient testimonials…your global online image. MDPM (that’s me and my crew) offers a free global online image analysis. Call 972-781-8861 or email Modern Dental Practice Marketing to schedule.