“How Many Times a Week Should a Dentist Blog?”

This is a great question, but the answer is not simple. Many factors come into play. For instance, what are other dentists in your area doing in regards to Internet marketing? How many competitors do you have? Which keywords do you want to rank high for, and what are your current standings for those terms? What does your overall website presence look like; are you involved with social networking, do you have multiple websites or blogsites, do you have good reviews on Google Places and Yelp!, and do you have many backlinks from related websites to yours?

Keep It Simple: Three Times a Week

Though the above considerations are important, you could take the simple, no-fail approach of blogging a minimum of three times each week. If you blog five times a week, you’ll have more content online, so theoretically, if all of your other ducks are in a row, you’ll increase your index-able, original content, and you’ll rank higher for targeted keywords.

Will Blogging Once a Week Work?

Let me put it this way: if you are one of the few doctors serving patients within 12-20 miles of your practice, and your competitors don’t have a good Internet presence, blogging once a week may be all you need to shoot to the top of Google results. However, if the competition is fierce, and your office is located in a region that has a dentist on every corner, blogging once a week won’t do much for you. Blogging once or twice a month will further decrease your potential for high rankings.

What if I Use an RSS Feed?

RSS stands for really simple syndication. An RSS feed can pull blogs from another site, like the ADA’s blog, onto your blog. If providing information to your patients is your sole reason for blogging, this is fine. Most dentists don’t invest in a blog to provide patient education, though. Patient ed is a benefit of having a blog, but let’s face it…people don’t sit around and read dental blogs if they’re happy with their dentist. The primary purpose of a blog is to increase your SEO results – to get you higher rankings on Google so that you get more calls from potential patients. An RSS feed will not help with SEO. Cutting and pasting content from other websites or blogs also won’t help with SEO. Google will consider your content important only if it’s original, meaning it’s not found anywhere else online.

Do Dentists Really Have Time to Blog?

Not normally. Enter MDPM. Modern Dental Practice Marketing was founded by Jill Duty, a dental copywriter, and Jill Nastasia, who has a master’s degree in online education. Our foundation is original, quality copywriting. We ghost write blogs for our dentists. Here’s how it works. As an MDPM client, you’ll be assigned a content manager, a full-time MDPM employee who will always write your blog posts. Your content manager will create an editorial calendar with topics for 90 days of blogs, and you can provide feedback or revisions to the proposed calendar at any time. Call MDPM today at 972-781-8861 or email us to get started on your new dental blog and reap the benefits of better SEO!