Did You Know? Dental Website SEO Secrets

DID YOU KNOW… Google likes fresh content? In fact, word from Google experts confirms that original, well-written, informational text is the single most important factor for SEO rankings?

DID YOU KNOW… While its grasp on the market is falling, Google holds a solid 66% of the search engine market, and Bing recently jumped up to 17%? What does this look like in real numbers? In April 2013, 20 billion searches were conducted on the Internet. A whopping 13.3 billion were on Google, and 3.5  were on Bing. Yahoo held out at 2.4 bil, Ask had 539 mil, and AOL had 290 mil. Source: Search Engine Watch

DID YOU KNOW… Google supplies Ask and AOL Search with primary search results, and Ask also receives paid ad results from Google? In addition, Bing provides Yahoo with both primary search results and paid ad results! So, Google and Bing are the ultimate search giants, and Bing barely has a hold.

DID YOU KNOW… Any duplicate content on your site can hinder higher rankings? Google has flat-out told us this on its Webmaster Blog.

DID YOU KNOW… The name, address, and phone number on your website and all listings should be identical to that information on Google+ Local? This helps Google connect all of your online marketing efforts so that you get credit as an expert.

DID YOU KNOW… Blogs are considered news, so they rank higher and faster, though they don’t have staying power? Blogs are often indexed in a matter of minutes, and they can rank high if published on a reputable site. Webpages take longer to index and work up the search results, but once they claim a place on page one, displacing them can be quite a challenge.

DID YOU KNOW… Every blog you publish on a WordPress site is indexed and archived online, so it’s out there working for you eternally? As a result, the more blogs you publish, the more opportunity your site will have to rank on Google for various keyword phrases.

DID YOU KNOW… The greater the quantity of original, informative text, optimized videos, and optimized images you publish online, the more keyword phrases you can show up for?

DID YOU KNOW… Videos aren’t indexed by Google unless they’re on YouTube and have a script behind them? In addition to having a channel with keywords and adding keywords to your video uploads, you also need to optimize by uploading your script. Google can’t read images – it needs words for SEO.

DID YOU KNOW… Images need ALT-image tags in their code so that Google can index them properly?

DID YOU KNOW… Google Analytics tracks your website traffic for free, providing valuable information about visitors, visit duration, and links? You do have to have a Gmail account and put a short code in your website, and Google provides easy instructions for this.

DID YOU KNOW… Google Webmaster Tools can tell you which pages of your site were last indexed, and if Google’s robots ran into any indexing problems? You do have to have a Gmail account and put a short code in your website, and Google provides easy instructions for this.

DID YOU KNOW… Unscrupulous, black-hat SEO tactics (like same-color text and background) can cause Google to blacklist your site, meaning it won’t show up on Google at all? This has happened to many small businesses, and even some mega-giants, like JC Penney.

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