Off-Page, Out of Mind

Myth: Off-page SEO tactics are optional for success.

Reality: Ignore off-page SEO, and search engines will ignore you.

We think of our dental website as our own little corner of the Web, a space where we have control over every aspect of its appearance and function. Its color scheme, text, and other visual elements make it appealing to the eye, and its content and on-page SEO improve navigation and user experience. But what about the things we do outside of the website, the features and tactics that aren’t necessarily written into the HTML and directories?

The Importance of On-Page SEO

Website architecture, HTML, and content are the most influential aspects of on-page SEO—anything that impacts the look and feel of your website.

Keywords have always been the on-page element, and we don’t expect this to change any time soon. We’ll take a closer look at keyword myths shortly.

Layout and user-friendly navigation are essential because they affect how much time a visitor spends on your page, how many pages they visit, and how quickly they leave. All of these factors have the potential to derail your search ranking. Even the speed with which your page loads has an impact on ranking.

HTML tags haven’t retained the same degree of influence over search ranking as they one held, but they’re important nonetheless. Well-written titles, headers, and meta descriptions make it easier for users to quickly locate useful information within your website. If you don’t supply this information, search engines will fill in the blanks on your behalf. We recommending writing your own. Search engines may be intuitive, but you’re better qualified to create a relevant, accurate description.

Off-Page SEO Is Important, Too

Off-page elements, on the other hand, are those that bring visitors to your website. How do these visitors arrive at our website? By clicking links: links from other websites, links from your social media page, links from blogs. When you post your latest blog on your Facebook page, you’re seeing off-page SEO in action. Social bookmarking and blogging are two of the most effective tools for off-page optimization.

Social bookmarking: You know those teensy social media icons you find at the end of blog posts, online articles, and even product descriptions? This is social bookmarking, and it enables your visitors to share content across a variety of social media platforms.

Dental blogging: Dental blogs are incredible resources for dentists to let their personality and practices shine through. With blogs, you needn’t limit yourself to clinical topics. We’ve seen dental blogs feature healthy recipes, community spotlights, contests, patient questions, and interesting facts.

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