Dental Marketing: Common Questions & Not-So-Common Answers

1. Why do we put blogs on a different site from the website?
Google has gone back and forth on a few issues that have made us continue placing blogs on a separate domain from a doctor’s primary website. One issue is whether the same URL can rank multiple times on page one of Google. For a while, Google only allowed a URL one position on page one. That is no longer the case, but it could be re-instituted at any time. Many of our clients hold 50% or more of the organic real estate on page one for certain keyword phrases. What I mean is, their website, blog, microsites, or other properties come up multiple times on page one of Google.

Another issue is incoming links. While reciprocal links on two sites (that is, links to and from each site on each site) are thought to cancel each other out, we have seen that the links on strategic keywords in blogs to the related pages on a main website can help with SEO.

One last point: Google tells us that businesses and individuals who want high rankings should become “experts.” What is an expert, to Google? Good question. We have surmised that an expert is someone with a deep and wide Internet presence; someone who provides Google with a significant amount of original content on a subject; someone who has multiple listings across the web and many links coming into his/her/its website. We believe that by having multiple sites (main site, microsites, blog site), a doctor has more impact as an expert, to Google.

2. Can MDPM do social networking for a dentist?
This is a tough one to answer because we can and do provide social media updates for many of our clients. However, I firmly believe that the return on investment is not there unless someone in the office is also engaged. For this reason, I developed a social networking e-book that helps office managers determine which social networks are most likely to share a target market with a dentist, how to schedule social networking into the workday, and what to post. Along with a one-hour phone call, the e-book helps an office manager work in tandem with our staff, creating a more viable and rewarding social media marketing strategy. As you may recall, we post all blogs to the doctor’s Facebook page, and we also offer posting to Twitter and LinkedIn via feeds.

3. What is the cost to write blogs and manage social networking?
The cost of blogs depends upon the number of blogs, and as stated above, blogs can be integrated into Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I do recommend the social media marketing class for your office manager, as well. Here’s a fee schedule for blogging. If you determine that you’d like us to also post articles (to increase incoming links to your website and overall Internet presence), we have separate packages available.

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