Dental Marketing Hangups, Hold-Ups, and Bad Habits

Dentists are highly intelligent entrepreneurs who appreciate knowledge and education. When it comes to marketing a dental practice, (and I say this will all due respect), dentists generally shape-shift into a raccoon, a Scarlett, or a porcupine.

Raccoons… chase shiny objects. Their motto is “I want it all!”

Probably deemed a techno-geek or nerd in high school, the raccoon personality type thrives on new information. They know that Pinterest is the fourth most popular social networking site, and they own a smart phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer. They leave behind them a trail of abandoned blogs, social networking profiles, and websites.

What raccoons need to remember is, new information is not necessarily valuable information. Just because something looks great, does not mean that it’s worth your time and energy. Take Google’s last two attempts at social networking platforms as examples. Google holds 95% of the search market, but this Internet superpower has produced some real stinkers when it comes to social networking. Will Google+ gain popularity? Perhaps, but savvy dentists don’t spend a lot of time on Google+. They do what’s necessary to have a stake in the game, then sit back and wait to see what happens.

Scarletts… never settle for less than perfection. Their motto is, “Tomorrow is another day!”

The Scarlett demands perfection. Her sock drawer is organized, as are her kitchen gadgets and computer files. She may have authored hundreds of web pages and blog posts still marked “drafts,” because they just need another revision. And then one more. And then just one more.

Scarletts have to set deadlines and stick with them. Nothing will ever be perfect; not in this world. Instead of waiting for something to become magnificent, do your best, set a deadline, edit and revise, publish by your deadline, then move on. In itself, meeting a deadline is a form of perfection!

Porcupines… see what’s closest and bristle at everything else. Their motto is, “ If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

A porcupine is still using MySpace, because who needs Facebook? His dental website was built in 2005, and it shows. He’s not yet using digital records. The government keeps pushing the deadline forward, so what’s the rush?

To remain technically proficient and to maintain a healthy marketing strategy, you must adapt and overcome. MySpace is dead. Facebook has peaked. Pinterest is next in line. There will be others. To keep a full schedule, a savvy marketer looks toward the future, makes plans, and executes them. Being present, or living in the moment, is great advice for achieving happiness. However, it’s not the best philosophy for practice success.

What’s Holding You Back?

Perhaps excitement over new technology keeps you hopping from one idea to the next; maybe you have a feeling that tomorrow, your website will finally be perfect; or you could be letting nearsightedness inhibit your full potential. Whatever the issue is, MDPM can help you move forward. Our team of experts can help you brand your dental practice, then create a complete online presence to attract new patients. Call Jill today at 972-781-8861, or email, to discuss your marketing plans and overcome obstacles that hold you back!