Copywriter Magic: Turning Your Practice Into Words

When you recognize the great benefits of saying, “yes” to adding a responsive website to your business, you may find that a variety of questions instantly pop up in your mind. In addition to asking us design- and tech-related questions at MDPM, some of the most frequently asked questions by dentists focus on the written content. Much like the way you may dream about dental cleanings and periodontal care in your sleep, copywriters eat, breathe, sleep, and often dream about words. However, perhaps you feel concerned about another person accurately painting a picture of your practice with sentences and paragraphs without having ever stepped foot in your office. By taking a closer look at the role of copywriters in the creation of your website, turning over the creative reins will start to feel like the beginning of a wonderful journey.

We Will Interview You

Not only will we ask you standard interview questions, but we will likely also ask you some not-so-run-of-the-mill questions, like what your favorite movie is, or what you like to do in your spare time. Part of the magic that goes into turning you into a relatable person online, while promoting your business, is ensuring we capture your personality and goals. Through years of experience, we have become familiar with the subtle nuances of a website that capture a patient’s attention. Our copywriters make detecting those major and minor details that truly resonate with a dental patient their number one priority. They also create your web pages around your practice’s goals. Are you focused on driving home your patient-centered approach to dentistry? Do you primarily offer cosmetic services? We’ve got you covered.

Copywriters Love Words

Did I mention how much copywriters love words? First, copywriters make sure content is SEO’d, accessible and easy to read. Choosing the right words is as significant as ensuring the copy reads smoothly. In addition, we recognize that while our writers have a solid knowledge of clinical dentistry, your patients probably don’t. Furthermore, they probably don’t want to. Our writers are masters in turning scientific information – and often-unpleasant information – into content your patients will understand, connect with, and that will not cause them to run from the screen. Copywriters will not write, for example, “decrease discomfort” but “improve comfort.” They will focus on the positive aspects of dentistry to set readers’ minds at ease. MDPM writers create clean, factual web pages, while drawing on both the emotions and logic of your patients, so they feel compelled enough to pick up the phone and make an appointment.


Did something change suddenly, such as your address? Did you read through your website only to find something didn’t translate exactly as you had hoped? With lightening speed (without sacrificing accuracy and thoughtfulness) our copywriters will make revisions according to your needs. Our goal is twofold: to ensure we create a website that assists you in attracting and retaining new clients, and to ensure that you feel your website truly reflects your dental practice.

About Jill Nastasia: Jill is CEO and director of business development at MDPM Consulting, a marketing firm catering to the unique needs of dentists. To learn more about web design, blogging, and SEO for dentists, email or contact us at 972-781-8861.