Converting Web Visitors to New Patients

Sometimes Google Analytics numbers show that a website and blog are receiving good traffic and ranking high for targeted keywords, but the data doesn’t translate to telephone calls and new patients. Many dentists become frustrated with this situation, as do the website companies that manage SEO. Instead of becoming frustrated, let’s analyze this situation to determine the best, most logical course of action.

What We Know About the Sites

  1. Traffic is good (at least 200 unique visitors or more per month in rural areas, three times this in highly competitive areas).
  2. Site visitors are local.
  3. Rankings are good for targeted keywords (on first page of Google).

If the above is occurring, your SEO strategy is working.

Next, make sure that:

  1. Contact information is prominently displayed on the top of the site
  2. Visitors can simply click a button to send an email

What We Know About Callers

  1. We are tracking the number of calls to the office, as well as which are new and which are current patients.
  2. We are tracking the referral source of every call to the office, and we see that the website is bringing in few or no calls. If this is NOT true, put a system in place immediately to determine where your callers are finding your information. This is essential to growing a strong marketing campaign and measuring the return on your investment. You must have a baseline to determine rate of growth (or failure).
  3. Each month, at least one secret shopper call (from a friend or service) scores our receptionist on friendliness, knowledge, and attempting to schedule a visit. Testing your front office’s service is not “big brother looking over their shoulders.” How do you know if a hygienist is doing a good job? Your patients tell you or you can see for yourself by examining the patient after a cleaning. How can you tell if a dentist does good work? Just look at the patient’s mouth. When a potential patient calls your office, you may never have the opportunity to ask that caller about the receptionist’s service. The only true measuring tool for a receptionist is a secret shopper call. Do not assume that, because you trained the employee or she has worked for you for years, her phone skills are high caliber. People change.

If the above is occurring, your receptionist is doing a good job, and you’ve done your part to track data that will impact marketing plans.

Next, make sure that:

  1. You do not use an answering service or recorded message during office hours
  2. Messages, both phone and email, are returned within 8 working hours

Detecting Holes in Your System

The points above should help you pinpoint problem areas in your new calls and conversion rate. If you identify an issue and need assistance to improve it, call MDPM Consulting today for guidance. We offer complete dental marketing, from branding and website development to consistent SEO tracking, blogging, content marketing, and social networking. In addition, we can share systems and tactics that have worked for other dental offices, so you’ll have the tools you need to succeed.

Rarely does a dental office have few or no new calls if the above points are met. However, if you have assessed each point and can truly say that you see no holes, there are a few other things you can try. A website visitor offer, for instance, may help you identify who was referred from your website. On your site, include a prominently displayed button that says, “Click here for our Internet offer.” The special, for instance, could be complimentary whitening for new patients, a lower cost initial appointment, or a dollar amount off of treatment plans over $500. This tactic does not work well for every dental practice, though, and you should seek professional advice from a marketing company prior to running a special offer.

Correcting the Holes and Booking New Patients

Email MDPM Consulting today or call 972-781-8861 to discuss your current marketing plan and how to measure success. We deliver success to dental practices in North America and abroad.