Client Feature Friday: Dr. Khan Of Elevation Dental

As always, we’re big fans of client feature Fridays! We have a chance to celebrate our hard work as a team bringing a new client’s website online. This week, we’re looking at Dr. Etasam Khan’s new website for his practice, Elevation Dental. The process was unique because not only did we build his site, but we are also helping him market a brand new practice!

Creating Elevation Dental’s Site

We started working with Dr. Khan in November, six months before his new practice opened. Now, we obviously don’t need this much time to design and build a new website. However, we wanted to start marketing for Dr. Khan’s brand early, so we could then transition to other areas of the new practice, such as signage. This way, while designing the site, we could also focus on how we would market his new practice once he opened the doors. Our team worked with the doctor to create a website that offered a calm, welcoming esthetic. For Dr. Khan, this reflects his approach to family dentistry.

What Should You Do to Market a New Practice?

How long before your grand opening should you start marketing your business online? We recommend having your website up and running, and a marketing plan in place, 60 days prior to opening those doors for the first time. By doing so, you provide plenty of time for:

In addition, be sure to document the different steps you take while building your practice, as well as those steps you take while planning your grand opening. This is excellent material for your blog. You should continue to do this as your practice grows and changes to let people know about new services and changes to your staff. If you have any questions about online marketing or branding, contact MDPM Consulting today. We can help with:

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