Client Feature Friday

Although your dental practice’s website might be attractive, fully functional, and full of great, accurate, and optimized content, sometimes a website redesign is just what the doctor ordered. But, how do you know when it’s time for a makeover?

In our experience, our clients choose to redesign their websites when they do any of the following:

  • move to a new office
  • redesign/redecorate their office
  • rebrand their practice (new logo, new colors, etc.)
  • bring on a new doctor
  • incorporate new technologies/philosophies into their practice
  • become bored with their current design and want something new

Dr. Ciro Cabal of Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, Texas, has been a client of MDPM Consulting since June of 2012. Here’s a look at Dr. Cabal’s original website:

A few months ago, Dr. Cabal and the Lake Country Orthodontics team moved down the street to a beautiful new office. Dr. Cabal and his wife designed and decorated the office, and it is so impressive. In fact, they rent out the lobby of their office for community events on nights and weekends!

Inspired by the new office, Dr. Cabal decided it was time to update his website to reflect the practice’s new high-class look. Take a look at Lake Country Orthodontics’ new website (and impressive office) at
One of the most rewarding parts of working directly with our clients is that we get to see their teams and practices grow and change over the years. We encourage all of our clients to put their best foot forward when it comes to their web presences, whether it be updating their logo, sprucing up their web copy, making sure their websites are responsive, or giving their websites a complete makeover. We’re here to help you take your web presence to the next level so that it remains a true extension of your physical dental office.

Want to discuss your own dental website — whether a new website or a redesign and/or rebuild? We’d love to chat with you about the next step in building your web presence and growing your dental practice.  Give Jill a call at (972) 781-8861 or send us an email at