Can Too Many Pages Hurt SEO?

We’ve discussed this a number of times on our blog: A steady stream of content (original, optimized, accurate content) can help improve your SEO ranking. However, is there such a thing as too many pages for SEO? Can you actually hurt your ranking with too much content? What does this mean for blogging?

More Pages, Better SEO?

The more pages you add the better, right? Well, it turns out that just adding pages without ensuring quality can hurt your SEO rankings. If you consistently add content, but the quality is poor (read: duplicate, inaccurate, poorly written, etc.), Google’s algorithms may read them as spam. You can then end up hurting your overall ranking.

How Do You Make Your Pages Count?

Simply put: your pages must have a function and serve a purpose. Does your page of content answer a question/query that users search for? If so, you’re doing content marketing the right way.

To please Google and maintain your website’s credibility when publishing new content, all content (blog posts, website pages, etc.) should contain original and well-written copy. If they are links or long tail keywords, they need to be incorporated organically. In other words:

Generic, fluff pages = poor SEO

Quality pages that serve a purpose = good SEO

Should I Keep Blogging?

Yes. Blogging means more content that can be crawled (and, hopefully, indexed by the search engine), which leads to more opportunities to show up in search results. An active blog serves a function and – as long as the posts are well written – they can be a boost to SEO. Keep in mind, a good and functional page/blog should be:

  • Relevant
  • Informative
  • Well-written
  • Original
  • Optimized (contain organic links and the appropriate number of long tail keywords)

If you have any questions about content or your dental website in general, we’re here to help. Here at MDPM, we speak content marketing and are ready to help ensure that your website content (and design and backend) meet Google’s standards to keep your web presence strong and competitive.

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