Can Facebook Live Be A Marketing Tool?

Facebook, along with other social networking sites, has become an essential part of any business marketing strategy. These sites present a very unique opportunity to reach out to both current and potential clients. Facebook recently unveiled a new feature, Facebook Live. We’ve had clients reach out to us to ask how they can use this new feature as part of their social media strategy. Can Facebook Live really be a marketing tool?

Tips for Using Facebook Live and Videos

Facebook Live is a program that allows users to post live, real time videos. People who follow or subscribe can see their videos when they log in to their accounts. As a business, how do you use this? First, videos are quicker and easier to digest than a long post or article. You can use them as a promotional tool, unveiling new specials or discounts. They can also be used as a way to help your clients become more familiar with your office and your staff. In general, videos offer a great way of connecting with people online.

Focus on Long Term Options

We also want to remind you that long term videos offer the greatest opportunity for connecting to new patients. That’s why we don’t recommend Snapchat, in which videos disappear after 24 hours. The videos you create should also be placed on YouTube, so people can continue to view and discover them.

November Social Media Kit Coming Soon!

In addition to videos, you can also post fun statuses to attract likes, shares, and comments. With our social media kit, we provide clients that carry a monthly SEO package a month’s worth of free content that can be personalized for their social media accounts. The November kit will be out in just a few weeks. Also, don’t forget that even if you aren’t a client, you can still obtain the kit for only $99 a month.

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