Busy or Profitable? Your Choice.

Today, veteran dental management consultant Mayer Levitt of Jodena Consulting shares insight on increasing profitability in the dental practice. Subscribe to the Jodena Consulting blog by clicking this link.

My most recent blog post listed four ways to increase revenue in a dental practice. In retrospect, I would like to add a fifth. It is an important strategy that relates specifically to the topic of efficiency in the doctor’s appointment schedule for a busy dental practice.

The most important management system in a dental practice is scheduling, because the only thing we have to sell is our time. Yet over the years, I have observed that many practices are terribly inefficient in the way the doctor is scheduled to deliver treatment, wasting upwards of two hours every day. I didn’t say they weren’t busy–I said they weren’t efficient. There is a huge difference between being busy and being profitable.

I believe that when an effective scheduling system is introduced into a practice:

  • the stress level of every one can be significantly reduced.
  • the appointment backlog can be cut in half.
  • the need for an associate is often eliminated.
  • production is increased dramatically without raising fees or altering the mix of the practice.
  • every hour in the practice becomes a productive hour no matter what procedures are being performed.

In the two and a half years since I began writing blog posts, I do not believe that I have ever touted my own services. But this whole topic of how to increase revenue got me thinking. Teaching other busy dentists productive scheduling techniques was how I began my consulting career 22 years ago.  So if you are feeling maxed out –  perhaps scheduled out two  to three weeks or more-  feeling overworked and can’t seem to find the way to get to the next level of profitability other than working more hours –  you might want to consider speaking with me. But first read this to see if you qualify.

As Yogi Berra said, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future”. But after seeing the significantly increased annual revenues in practices that have learned and implemented the Jodena advanced scheduling rules, this might be worth your consideration.