Blogs that Look Like Dental Websites

MDPM created Dr. LaFrom's logo and blog website.

When you think of a blog (if you think of a blog), do you picture that blue-and-white, stock WordPress blog template? It’s very generic and would not represent your practice well. After all, you’ve invested in building a brand, an image, for your dental office. Continuity with your brand is extremely important.

Forget the blue and white. You need a customized blog.

The Modern Dental Practice Marketing graphic designers and production technicians are here to help. Together with our marketing experts, these guys will learn about your brand, your image, your practice and team, then build a customized dental blog just for you. Your blog will incorporate your brand’s color scheme, logo, tagline, message, and overall concept. It will be an extension of your existing marketing campaign.

Unlike a completely custom website, a blog does have limitations — but you really won’t notice. MDPM blogs can have custom colors and layout, multiple pages, original text and photos… pretty much whatever you want. The “stock” features are minimal, and many can be altered in the code.

We chose to use and because of the significant SEO benefits; the great track record for minimal technical problems; and the ease of use. MDPM blogs even come with tracking features, so we can see how many people are visiting a blog, where they come from, what keywords they’re searching for, and which links on your site are being clicked. For some blogs, we can incorporate Google Analytics, an even more in-depth reporting system.

Be sure to visit our blog portfolio page to see sample blogs, and if you want to discuss YOUR dental blog, give Jill a call at 972.781.8861. MDPM not only builds blogs for dentists, we write, manage, and publicize our blogs. These days, a website isn’t enough to get your practice to the top of the Google SERPs. You need a blog.