Five Benefits of Choosing Dental Marketing Services

Sure, you can quickly perform an online search for website templates and create a basic site for your dental business (but it will likely not show up on the first or second page of a Google search). Or, you may already have a site you created in your company’s infancy if you have been in business for a while (which may not be compatible with a mobile screen). No, wait! Perhaps you are working with a dental consultant and don’t quite know how the services of a dental marketing company will fit into your business plan. Fortunately, at MDPM we are prepared to answer your every question and improve your visibility. For now, take a look at the top five reasons to choose dental marketing services, and give us a call with any further questions – we look forward to providing answers.

1. We Work Well With Everyone

We work one-on-one with dentists and their teams. We also work on a contract basis with ad agencies and dental consultants, offering our expertise in website development. If you already work with a dental consultant, we would love to speak with both you and your consultant. We focus on offering personalized website design and original content to ensure you become and remain highly visible within the online marketplace.

2. We Are SEO Experts

Did we mention the part about your practice becoming and remaining visible online, primarily through search engines like Google? Our team members remain up to date on the best strategies for optimizing your ability to land on the first page of Google. Don’t know anything about the way Google’s algorithm indexes your website’s code? We do.

3. We Know Dentistry

MDPM is referred to as a dental marketing company for a reason. Our team members have years of experience in the dental industry, which means we are extremely well versed in dental marketing, ADA guidelines, dental tools and systems, dental technology, dental services, and pretty much every type of dental detail you can conjure up. And our copywriters have an incredible knack for transforming otherwise scientific or too-technical information into accessible online content.

4. As You Evolve, We Evolve Your Content To Match

Fortunately, online content is not as permanent as the printed page. As long as you desire your customized website to remain visible, we will work that magic for you. The information you first provide us is not written in stone. We actually encourage you to let us know when changes occur. For example, maybe your practice is moving locations, you have begun offering a new service, or you have decided to take on a partner. Let us know and we will ensure your website reflects current information.

5. We Offer Social Marketing

Presenting a beautiful, responsive website that accurately depicts your practice and goals is an essential part of excellent marketing. However, in our age of 24/7 social media activity, reaching out to new and existing patients requires your active presence. Because you are busy running a dental practice, our team of professionals will handle this for you on a regular basis. We can create a blog on your website, regularly post relevant dental blogs, and create social media profiles – like Facebook and Google+. Social marketing will allow you to take part in the interactive world in which your clients participate. They will use your online presence as evidence that you are a real person who holds their best interests at heart, and that you truly run a modern practice.

About Jill Nastasia: Jill is CEO and director of business development at MDPM Consulting, a marketing firm catering to the unique needs of dentists. To learn more about web design, blogging, and SEO for dentists, email or contact us at 972-781-8861.