All the Scoop on Dentist Domain Names (and upcoming price hikes)

Verisign is the company that manages the wholesale price of domain name registrations globally. Verisign is not ICANN, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, that manages the actual domain names. Sometime in January of 2012, domain name prices will go up about 12% — don’t blame your website host, GoDaddy,, or anyone else. The reason behind the hike is Verisign.

There are many factors that correlate between domain names, registration length, and search engine optimization. Here’s a rundown.

Domain Name: As you know, the Internet and search marketing changes constantly. In past years, having your city name and the word dentist in a domain was a good idea – and it still is. However, today, less emphasis is put on the words in a domain name, so you won’t lose much SEO credit if your domain isn’t “city” Get creative with your domain, but keep it simple so that people can remember it. There’s also no search engine credit difference whether your domain ends with .com, .co, .info, .org, or .net, though people tend to remember .com.

Domain Registration Length: It still holds true that if you register your domain for 10 years, the max allowed, you’ll get some search engine credit. Google, which now holds over 90% of the search engine market share, looks at a 10-year domain registration as a commitment to creating and maintaining a quality website. Registering each year certainly won’t hurt much, but if you’re looking to do all you can to boost SEO, go for the 10-year registration.

Domain Longevity with Consistent Topical Content: One of the most effective tactics for search engine optimization is having consistently keyword-rich, original, updated text on your website. If your domain has had keyword-rich, original, regularly updated text for years, it has some good value as a search engine tool. This means, if you have the choice of putting your “new” website on a domain with longevity or on a new domain, choose the one with a rich history.

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