SEO and Your Dental Practice Website

The Internet is cluttered with websites lacking original content. In fact, it is still a common practice to load websites with stock library articles. Many businesses and firms hire expensive design teams and programmers to build beautiful looking websites. Despite the hefty price tag and attractive appearance, the pages are often filled with dry, irrelevant content that can be found on any competitor’s website, too.

Unoriginal Website Copy Harms Your SEO

If your website’s content reads like something from an encyclopedia, your page rank might suffer. Search engines—especially Google—favor original copy over stock library articles. In fact, indexing spiders check for original content on every website. Sites with unoriginal copy will be pushed to the back of search engine results. If you’re expecting to see your dental practice’s website on the first page of Google results with stock content,  you may be disappointed.

Feed Google with Original Dental Content

Google’s Panda is an algorithm that scours the web for original copy. If your content is lackluster, irrelevant, or from a stock library, Panda will not see your website as worthy of a high Google ranking. Last spring, Google developed and implemented this algorithm to push irrelevant and outdated material to the bottomof search engine results. Content mills and websites with stock content were hit hard by these changes. A year later, Panda continues to change the landscape of website copywriting, blogging, and SEO marketing. Panda is here to stay (for a while, at least).

Stay Ahead of the Game with Original Content

Although most search engines regularly update their algorithms, you can still secure a high search engine ranking with original dental website content. It’s no secret that search engines are interested in original content and we can bet any future changes will still prefer new copy to stock library articles.

If your dental website has been buried in search engine results or if you’re in need of new website content, call on Modern Dental Practice Marketing for all your dental copywriting needs. Our team of experienced copywriters understands both clinical dentistry and SEO. To learn more about our services, contact Jill at (972) 781-8861.