5 Tips for Avoiding Google Penalties

We all know what good search engine optimization techniques can bring: higher ranking on a Google search results page. In order to be seen by people looking for services in your area, you want to be on page one, preferably in the top spot. But what happens when you employ poor SEO tricks? Google may then penalize your site, which can range from a demoted page ranking to being completely de-indexed by Google. Fortunately, there are tips for avoiding these penalties.

5 Tips for Proper SEO

  1. Don’t use out-of-context keywords: The keywords you choose should be relevant to the subject. If you have a page on periodontal treatment your keywords should relate to gum disease. Otherwise, it would appear you are manipulating ranking, which can lead to penalties.
  2. Avoid “Link Farms”: You should limit your links to three to five per page. Filling the page with links may sound like a good way to boost your SEO, but it can actually hurt your website’s ranking. After all, it’s about user experience and a page filled with links, especially those without relevance, can only hurt user experience.
  3. Use Relevant Links: As we touched on above, the links you choose need to be relevant. If you have one for dental crowns, it should go to your website’s dental crown page. Most of these SEO guidelines that Google’s algorithms follow aren’t designed to trip up a businesses’ marketing strategy, but to improve user experience.
  4. Don’t Duplicate Content: Reusing content may seem harmless. Recycling old blogs, copying-and-pasting info from one page to another that fits the topic, but Google can identify sites that do this and it definitely has a negative impact on rankings.
  5. Avoid Fake Social Media Accounts: In our last blog we covered this in depth. You may think filling your friend’s list and followers with people, even if they are blank accounts, will help your image. However, using social media to improve SEO means engagement. You can’t get shares and clicks from a blank account. 

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