5 Social Networking Tasks Dentists Can Hire a Teenager to Do

In a Biznik article, Sue Cartwright, Social Media Marketing Expert, tells us: “With 78% of consumers trusting peer reviews when only 14% trust advertisements, it is essential to be involved in your online community, to build a good reputation and know what people are saying about you. To do this effectively you need to engage in conversations, monitor the outcomes, join the debate, help others and show customers you care as a means to building a loyal network.”

Having been in dental marketing for years, I know that most dentists don’t have the staff or time to invest in an all-out social media marketing campaign. I do think, however, there are a few things your front office person can do to get your office engaged on Facebook. You can even hire your teenage daughter to do these things. Seriously, $10 an hour, 5 hours a week – not much of an investment. The return will show up, most likely, in patients being more loyal to you, giving you free word-of-mouth referrals, and remembering to keep up with recall visits and follow up with treatment. Why? Because you’ll be engaged, showing that you care!

You’ll need a human page and a fan page to make this work. Here’s how to do it:

1)      At least once a week, if not daily, post personal “happy birthdays” to Facebook friends. Their birthdays show up automatically on the right side of your wall. Your teen staff member will know exactly what to do.

2)      At least once a week, post a photo and caption about your office, a patient, or something in your town. Your teen can become a reporter and make this her weekly pet project.

3)      Comment on 3-5 fan and friend posts each day. Even brief comments like, “This is interesting,” “Congratulations,” or “Awww – how sweet!” are appropriate. Any teen can do this – just make sure she spell checks!

4)      Send messages to your fans and friends once a month with a special offer, such as everyone who comes by the office on St. Patrick’s Day will get a free red toothbrush and a whitening coupon – or kids can come in on Valentine’s Day to pick up a sweet tooth alternative goodie bag from our team! Your teen staff member can even purchase and prepare the giveaway items.

5)      Once a week, post a link to an informative health article or an article about your town. Simply subscribe to your favorite newsletters from health magazines and websites, as well as your city’s blog or newsletter. The ideas will be delivered to your teen’s office email box.

Want more ideas for your team? Want to get engaged in blogging, but don’t have the time or energy? One more tip from Sue Cartwright, “To stay competitive, consider moving your website to a WordPress platform.  These sites are user-friendly and do not require knowledge of HTML code. “ That’s just what we do at MDPM. We’re the dentist’s WordPress exerts. Call Jill at Modern Dental Practice Marketing today! 972-781-8861