5 Reasons You Need Social Media Engagement

Social media is no longer a fad or trend that’s going to go away anytime soon. As a business, you need media engagement to remain relevant and potentially attractive to new patients. At MDPM Consulting, we strive to make this easier with our free social media kit. The kit provides customizable content you can share on your social networking accounts. There are a number of reasons why your practice needs social media engagement.

Our Free Social Media Kit

Our free kit includes images and statuses you can post on a variety of different social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Many of them can even be customized for your specific practice. Initially, the kit was only available free to clients who carried a monthly SEO package. Now, anyone can purchase the kit for just $99 a month. For more information, give our office a call today.

Why Do You Need Social Media Engagement?

  1. To connect with current patients: You can share office updates, specials, and ask questions to find out ways you can improve your practice. You can also share important information with your clients, as well.
  2. As a chance to be shared with new patients: As your current patients share, like, or comment on the news or items you share, you become visible to others who may consider your services.
  3. It allows you to be part of the community: You can also share news about your community, connecting with other businesses or people, and being active in your city or town.
  4. To stay up-to-date with current trends: Find out what people are saying, and stay up-to-date with opinions, or even pop culture tidbits.
  5. To let potential patients know you are active: When someone looks for a service they first turn to Google. Having a website and an active social media presence makes your practice appear active, on top of things, and lends credibility, which makes a potential patient more likely to contact you.

Interested in the social media kit, but not sure where to start? Already receive the kit, but want to learn how to use it to its fullest potential? Ready to take your dental practice’s web presence (website, social media, reputation management, etc.) to the next level? Give us a call at (972) 781-8861, or shoot us an email at Info@mdpmconsulting.com. We’re here to help!