4 Questions You Should Ask Before Redesigning Your Site

At MDPM Consulting, we recommend that our clients have their websites redesigned periodically to update content and ensure that their site doesn’t have outdated design aspects. To that end, here are four questions you should ask to decide if your website needs redesigning.

Ask Yourself These Questions to Decide if Your Website Needs Redesigning

  1. How Long Since Your Initial Design?

If it’s only been a year, then your site may not require much work. However, the longer between redesigns the more likely your site includes a number of outdated elements. We recommend redesigns about once every three years. However, you should always update smaller elements, such as team member information, NAP (name, address, phone number), and copy, as needed.

  1. Has My Practice Changed?

Have your services changed? Has your clientele evolved? Have you added new procedures? If so, you should update your website to reflect these and other changes. Otherwise, you may not be ranking according to your current services, or attracting the clients who are looking for the services you offer.

  1. Is My Site Mobile-Friendly?

This one is huge. Face it, we use our smartphones and tablet for most of our online searches. In fact, Google now takes mobile-friendliness into account when ranking. If you’re not mobile-friendly, then you need to address this, ASAP.

  1. Is My Site Difficult to Load?

If you have outdated elements, such as videos that play automatically, or flash elements, then your site may be difficult to load on a computer, and nearly impossible on a smartphone. You need to make serious changes to address these issues, and ensure your website is easy to access and navigate no matter what device a person uses.

We’re Here to Help

Give us a call. We can discuss your worries, look at your current website, and create a plan tailored to your business needs. We can perform a complete ground-up redesign, or simply help update certain elements.

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