3 Ways To Start Building Your Reputation

According to a study released by Digital Intelligence Today, 92 percent of consumers trust their peers over a brand when it comes to services or products. That means if you have a poor reputation, people are less likely to seek your services,  even if your SEO, search engine optimization, and  your social media strategy are both solid. So, how do you start building a positive online reputation? What can you do to make your patients more likely to visit you and recommend you to their friends and family?

Steps Toward A Better Online Reputation

  1. Find Out What People are Saying: First, see where you stand. Visit your social media pages and look for reviews or comments. Then Google your business or practice name to see what people are saying. Are they primarily positive? Great! Are they negative or non-existent? Then you have work to do.
  2. Be Honest with Yourself: You can read everything people are saying about you on social media and review sites, but if you aren’t honest with yourself nothing will change. If you have little or no presence, or the majority of reviews are negative, you need to get to work. Don’t ignore the issue or assume things will even out.
  3. Create a New Approach: Once you assess your situation, you need to change things. First, do you have negative reviews that are recent? If so, then respond politely on social media by inviting them to contact you and find a solution to their complaints. In addition, encourage satisfied clients to leave their thoughts on your Facebook, and Google reviews page. Listen to what patients have been saying and make any necessary changes to address their complaints. Doing so can help improve the atmosphere of your practice. Remember, to address a poor reputation you need to confront the shortcomings of your business, make changes, and maintain an active social media presence to build a relationship with your patients and encourage positive testimonials.

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