3 Changes To Make To Your Online Marketing Strategy In 2017

In just a week and a half we’ll finally be in a new year and leaving 2016 behind us. Since a coming new year is the time to make resolutions, why not resolve to update your online marketing strategy? Successful search engine optimization, or SEO, means staying on top of the latest trends and changes. What changes can we expect in 2017? How should you adjust your online marketing strategy?

Three Changes to Focus on in 2017

  1. Mobile: The fact is, more people use mobile devices for online searches than desktops or laptops. As a result, Google is now embracing mobile-first indexing. If your website isn’t easy to read and navigate on a mobile device, then your rankings can suffer: 2017 is the year to go mobile-friendly.
  2. Local Search: Optimizing your SEO for your community is more important than ever. For example, if you operate a practice in Dallas, you want SEO that ensures you’re on the first page of a search for “Who’s a dentist in Dallas, TX.” In addition to strategic link building and keyword placement, you also need to make sure your NAP (name, address, and phone number) is accurate. Doing so can help you stay competitive with Google’s 3-pack.
  3. Voice Search: What started a few years ago as a novelty is quickly becoming a major factor in the world of SEO. People search differently using voice. Using a computer, we tend to type in basic keywords “Dallas dentist,” but with voice search and mobile, we phrase these as questions, such as “Where can I find a dentist in Dallas?” As a result, using long-tail keywords in 2017 can help your site stay more competitive with voice searches.

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