10 Tips for Better Social Media Posts

Social media is no longer optional when it comes to your online marketing strategy. Even if you are operating a dental practice, you need an online presence that extends beyond your website and blog. How do you make successful social media posts? What can you do to drive traffic to your social media pages and even your dental website?

Make Your Statuses More Engaging

  1. Share Your Success: Have you received an award or recognition for your services? If so, share this on your social media pages. Not only will your patients feel better about choosing your practice, but people looking at your website and pages will also take this into account.
  2. Include Pictures: People prefer pictures in blogs, website pages, and social media pages. Also include a picture with post and share images of your office, staff, or fun events you take part in around your community.
  3. Post Something Inspiring: Do you have a quote, video, or photo that inspires you? Share it on your pages. People following your pages may find this enjoyable and it allows them the chance to know their dental health care provider a little better.
  4. Have a Contest: You Facebook or Twitter pages are a great opportunity to engage your patients. Host a contest on your page. Maybe trivia or a caption contents, where you post a photo and ask people to come up with the funniest captions. You can offer discounted services, toothbrushes, or other prizes.
  5. Ask Questions: Find out what people think about your practice and maybe insight into how you can improve patient experiences. Ask what they enjoy about your practice, or what makes them feel comfortable when visiting the dentist.
  6. Post Fun Facts or Trivia: Dental trivia, healthy alternatives to popular snacks, or the best ways to improve oral health, trivia and fun facts can make great content for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.
  7. Comment on Current Events: Share the latest news on current events in the world of dentistry. You can improve your patients’ knowledge and provide fun, engaging content.

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