Will Google’s SERP Changes Affect Your Online Visibility?

Thanks to a recent update to both paid and organic search results, Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) have taken on a different look for desktop users. While some of these changes are cosmetic, they can add a new level of detail to the links provided in response to different queries. This is far from the first time a change has impacted SERPs. Over time, Google has found ways to include more information into the results they provide, making it easier for people to select a link that serves their needs. As part of our commitment to helping clients boost their SEO, we pay attention to the ways SERPs can change, and to what information you can include with links. As part of our support for your dental office, we can make sure you have helpful information included in every link while also helping your links appear more prominently in relevant search topics!

Why Should You Worry About Changes To The Appearance Of Google’s Search Results?

For both paid results and organic search results, Google provides more than just the link itself in its results. Paid results are tagged with a designation to make it clear that they are ads. With the new layout, these paid ads have the word “Ad” in bold black text next to their hyperlink. The designation takes the place of a small visual logo for the website, which appears in organic search results.

If your website is not set up to provide the appropriate meta information to Google’s algorithm, you may not share as much as you could in SERPs. This can be a problem, as competitors who are able to share information like their address and phone number can receive phone calls from potential visitors without requiring them to even click a link. In this exchange, no one listed on an SERP receives a site visit, but someone still sees benefits from their SEO efforts.

Understanding The Difference Between Paid Search And Organic Search Results

Both paid and organic search results have received visual updates on Google’s desktop platform. While the way the information is presented has changed, it should be noted that links shared via paid search marketing are still being clearly marked on pages. Paid search marketing can help websites start to appear prominently in relevant search results, but this type of engagement can raise your costs, and limit your ability to focus on meaningful site improvements. While we can sometimes move forward with a strategy that relies on both organic and paid SEO, we do recommend organic SEO as a long-term strategy for online marketing.

Here’s Why We Make Organic SEO A Priority For Our Clients

Organic SEO helps you reach more people, and earn higher rankings in relevant searches, by making site improvements that users (and Google) value. As part of the process of improving your online marketing efforts, we can recommend updating your site, replacing an outdated website, and implementing a plan to share original content on a consistent basis. We put effort into making your website more attractive to users because Google and other search engines have put more effort into gauging a site’s value for their visitors. Even though individual algorithm updates can vary in their intentions, any successful search engine will aim to provide people with the most useful information possible in every search.

The Right Technical Features Can Help You Share More Information With Google

While many front-end improvements like better site design, better content, and updates to your page layouts are important, technical features can also be valuable for your long-term SEO success. When Google shares links, those links can include meta information that describes what the page will share, offer contact information for a local business, and (thanks to the latest update) provide a glimpse of a site’s logo. There are multiple benefits to sharing more of this information on SERPs. One benefit is that it makes your site look more professional, and potentially more trustworthy, to users. Another is that you can more easily share contact information. When this information is present on a search results page, you can encourage people to give you a call before they even click your link!

Changes That Affect Your SEO Can Be Unexpected – We Can Help

Updates to search engines and improvements to website technology may seem unimportant to a dental practice, but they can have a big impact on your ability to reach people. If you are not keeping up with changes in the world of online marketing, and keeping your website updated, you can lose visibility, and struggle to attract new patients – this can be an especially tough problem when you have competitors who are staying current with their online marketing efforts. Our SEO efforts can encompass many different aspects of digital advertising and marketing. We can help you maintain a current, attractive website with content that has value to both visitors and search engine algorithms. We also provide help with reputation management, meaning we can make it easier for you to gather positive reviews on trusted sites. We can even take on your social media marketing needs. By providing assistance, as well as curated posts you can share to help maintain engagement, you can make better use of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others to communicate with potential and current patients!

MDPM Consulting Can Help You Maintain An Effective SEO Strategy

When Google implements changes to its algorithm, or to its SERP layout, it can have a big impact on the world of SEO. At MDPM Consulting, we keep up with changes that you should know about so that we can help you sustain better online marketing efforts over time. With the right technical support, quality content, and assistance with matters like social media management, we can give you a broad degree of help in the world of digital marketing. To find out how we can help you grow your practice, establish a new location, advertise new services, or support your online marketing in other ways, please call MDPM Consulting today at 972-781-8861.