What Happens When Google Issues Affect Your Visibility?

Google recently shared news of a bug that interfered with the search engine’s ability to index new content. This is not the first time that the problem has come up – back in May, they reported having the same issue. While it may be a little alarming to hear that even Google runs into technical snafus, you may not recognize exactly what this news has to do with your site, and your online marketing efforts. We stay current with SEO-related matters, even when those issues call for action at Google, and not on our end. We are particularly interested in developments that impact indexing, as proper indexing can be crucial to your site’s online marketing success. By keeping you informed about issues that affect you, we can keep you more aware of what your website is doing for you. Staying informed also ensures we are ready to step in whenever a change might be needed on your end to ensure that you keep reaching people online.

What Is Indexing?

Indexing is a process that officially adds new content to the listings Google can draw from when someone performs a search. This process is about more than just acknowledging that a new site exists, and filing it away. A crawl of a new website allows Google to process what information is available at a link, and figure out what kinds of search terms are relevant to the page.  

Modern websites make it easier for you to clearly define what your link addresses, and what kind of search terms should bring it up. We use these tools to make it easier for Google to “read” your page, because when Google understands who might want to see your page, it becomes easier for the right people to find you. We also include meta information in new content, which can give Google more information to share when you show up on a search engine results page (SERP). When someone sees your link, we can make sure they also see a brief description of the site, and how it might be able to answer the question that sent them to Google to begin with.

The Importance Of Making Sure Your Content Is Properly Indexed

Even if you are new to the world of online marketing, you probably have a clear idea of who you want to reach with your site. We can make sure that those people are finding your site by providing organic and technical SEO support over time, and by making sure we set up each new post to be easily read and indexed. 

With every new post, you have new opportunities to highlight links to your services, and naturally work in keywords that can help you rank higher in searches about different dental procedures. We put an emphasis on quality, custom content, as we have found that Google’s algorithm updates have made the search engine more effective at weeding out content with real value from those posts that try to use tricks to sneak ahead of sites with real information. While links and keywords continue to have value, they are not as effective by themselves when they are not contributing to the quality of a post. 

In addition to making sure your website features quality content, we keep up with technical changes that allow us to improve our communication between your site and Google. Including meta information with every link can help you share more details on SERPs, and reach the right people online.

More Indexed Content Means More Opportunities For People To Find You

How often should you update your site? If you want to make yourself more accessible to people, remember that every new link becomes indexed, and available for people to discover. Every post also gives you new chances to add keywords that are relevant to your practice, and likely to show up in the search bars of potential patients. With our continued support, you can sustain your online marketing success over a longer period of time!

We Keep You Informed About Technical Issues That Affect Your SEO

While no user fix has been required to address Google’s latest bug, there are times when technical problems demand updates on users’ ends. This is one reason we closely track problems with search engines and social media sites – when we stay informed, we can act quickly when we need to make changes in order to maintain your site’s SEO.

It can feel frustrating to hear that a problem on Google’s end might affect your online visibility, at least in the short term. With that said, it is better to be aware of a problem than it is to remain in the dark. If you miss updates about problems with Google, or a social media platform, you can draw false conclusions about why recent site content struggled to reach people. You can also miss updates that may ask you to make changes to your webpage in order to avoid issues.

We keep up with what is happening at Google and other search engines, just as we keep up with shifting trends in SEO. By staying informed, and keeping up with current developments, we can help you respond more quickly when problems occur.

We Do More Than Just Rely On Google To Help People Find You!

Improving your SEO can give you better reach, and ensure your online marketing efforts are making you visible to people in your area who could benefit from your services. With that said, we understand that better online marketing is about more than just making yourself easier to find in a search engine!

We can provide a design update for your website, or even build you a new site. These changes allow you to keep up with technical improvements that rival practices can count on to reach more people. Improving your web presence also allows you to make a better first impression when people discover you. In addition to promoting you through your site, we can also give you support for your social media activity. In addition to providing tips on when to post, and what to share, we can set you up with scheduled posts that help you reach new people, and stay in better contact with current patients.

At MDPM Consulting, We Offer Important SEO Support And Guidance!

MDPM Consulting is ready to help your dental practice reach more people, attract new patients, and maintain a high-quality web presence! We can help you find ways to boost your SEO, and we can ensure that people in your area searching for dental care will find you online. To learn how we can help you grow by providing SEO and online support, contact MDPM Consulting at 972-781-8861.