Can Google Beacon Benefit Your Practice?

Can the Google Beacon help you provide a better experience for people who visit you online, or for patients who arrive for an appointment? This device makes it possible to provide more details about your location on Google Maps, and you can set it up to automatically send relevant information directly to someone’s phone when they arrive. However, this is a physical device you will be responsible for, and you can find that only some of your patients are able to engage with it. One of the services we provide when we help you maintain your web presence is helping you understand how changes, and new technology, might impact your success in reaching potential patients. 

Keeping Up With Changes That Can Affect Your Web Presence, And Your Practice

We can help you keep up with changes that can benefit you, and help you understand if something new is worth your time and attention. Not every change will come in the form of a physical device. A Google algorithm update can affect your web presence, even if you have no idea that a change has occurred. In addition to providing you with website support, and original content for visitors, we can help you make necessary changes when new information or technology might interfere with your SEO efforts.

Offering A Better Online Experience To New And Existing Patients

You should be concerned when technology makes it possible to improve on the experience you provide people online. After all, a potential patient in your area can base their choice on who to visit on the information they find through Google searches. Providing a current, user-friendly web presence can make you more attractive, and easier to find. We can help you keep up with these responsibilities, and help you figure out whether new technology can be of value.

MDPM Consulting Can Help You Use The Internet To Support Your Practice

MDPM Consulting can help you figure out how new technology, or changes to search engine algorithms, can affect your web presence, and your practice. If you want to learn more about the support we can provide, you can reach out to us by using the information below.

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