What Comes First: SEO Or Website Design?

We have a “chicken or egg” scenario many dentists face: Which should come first, your search engine optimization strategy (SEO), or your website design? In many cases, the website is created first. Then, the doctor hires a company or works with the staff to create an online marketing strategy. However, this is the wrong approach. We believe that you should consider several SEO factors before beginning the design process. Doing so can save your team a lot of headache and redesign!

The Dangers of Site-First Strategies

Let’s imagine that you had a website built. You’re pleased with it and are ready to start an online marketing strategy. However, as you talk to people you realize your site is missing a few important features. For instance, you don’t have a blog page, and/or your content isn’t optimized for local SEO, which means major copy rewrites. Worst-case scenario, you could end up building your site twice, the second time purely for optimization purposes.

What to Consider Before Designing Your Website

The marketing team, designers, and copywriters should all be working together to ensure everyone is one the same page. The designers need to know the navigation and esthetics desired. The writers need to know what keywords to implement and what content is needed. To have this information on hand, the SEO strategy needs to come first. In addition, you need to make sure your website is going to be responsive and mobile-friendly. When you leave SEO out of the design process, or vice versa, you only create a headache for yourself.

We can Help!

If you’re ready to create a website for your practice, give us a call. In addition, if you have an outdated website in need of a redesign, or if you need help with your SEO and marketing strategy, let us know. MDPM Consulting is here to help!

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