What A Free Site Audit Can Do For Your SEO

SEO conceptOnce your website is made public, all you have to do is set back and let potential patients find it…right? Maintaining a digital presence is important, as people increasingly depend on the internet as their sole resource for finding dental care. The trouble is that because so many people understand this, you can count on other practices to be present online, too. That means your website may be more difficult to find simply because others have done a better job with their SEO.

SEO—search engine optimization—refers to efforts to make your webpages more valuable to Google’s search algorithm. The right kind of SEO efforts can ensure you rank highly in relevant searches, so people who are looking for what you offer are more likely to find you. Having a website matters, but you see less value from yours when you receive low rankings. MDPM Dental Marketing provides free site audits that evaluate your appeal to search engine algorithms. The feedback we provide can help you understand why your online activity is not yielding the benefits you hoped for, and it can give you a path for making improvements. Assistance with organic and technical SEO are important, but they are just a few forms of support we provide our clients. We also provide new website builds and designs, social media support, and guidance in beneficial matters like PPC advertising and digital reputation management.

Is Your Website Really Doing All It Can To Reach People?

If someone wants to access your website, all they need to do is enter the address. If they are missing your URL, they can simply enter your practice’s name into Google to find you. Of course, you want more than just traffic from people who already know who you are. When your site is properly made, your links are more likely to rank highly whenever people in your area search for dental care. Simply put, your dental office is not the only one who wants to reach people in your community. When those other sites receive better rankings from Google, they receive better placements than you. A review of your site’s SEO efforts can help you understand why your online activity has yet to bring you new patients. It can also help you understand how the right changes can help.

Regular SEO Audits Are Important For Maintaining Your Website

What an SEO audit does is review your site to see what issues are affecting its appeal for Google and other algorithms. This can mean locating inconsistencies with your location or name online that can make you less trustworthy, identifying performance problems, and discussing missing technical information that Google depends on to assess your pages. This kind of audit is something that should take place periodically. This is partly because as technology and design trends change, what makes a website rank favorably will change as well. It is also because Google will update its search algorithms at different times, which will impact what kind of rating the same website will receive at different times.

What We Can Provide During A Free Audit

Your free SEO audit with MDPM will help you understand what your website currently does—or fails to do—to impact your SEO. We provide a thorough review so that we can speak to your site’s EAT (experience, authority, trustworthiness), identify mistakes that can hurt your ranking, and general issues with site performance and design that might require attention. Your analysis can also help you understand how your site might need to change simply because Google’s priorities have changed. For an older site, this can be valuable for determining if it is time for a redesign or an entirely new page. It can also be helpful if your site is newer but not performing as well as you had hoped.

Concerned By A Poor Audit? The Right Changes Can Be Easier To Make Than You Realize

A poor audit can certainly be frustrating, but it does not mean that your website has no chance of reaching people. Beyond talking to you about what is holding your site back, we can help you understand what changes in your site and your engagement can help. Not everyone requires a significant rework to make things right. New activity on your site to boost your organic SEO, fixes to outdated information, and the inclusion of interactive features can help you make significant improvements!

We Offer More Than Just A Boost For Organic SEO

Boosting your organic SEO can help your site, but it is not all that you can benefit from when it comes to improving your digital outreach. Our online marketing support can help you in a number of ways. We both build new sites and provide personalized designs that give you remarkable control of how yours will look and function. We also provide technical support to make sure your links do a better job communicating with Google. To further improve your success in marketing, we can provide coordinated and professional social media activity, reputation management services, and more!

Talk To MDPM Consulting About A Free Website SEO Audit

The results of your free SEO audit can help you find ways to make your website easier for the right people to find! If you would like to schedule yours, or if you have any questions about our services, please contact MDPM Dental Marketing today at 972.781.8861!