The Risks Of Using AI Content For Dental Copy

SEO and site copy conceptOnline technology and activities continue to change in ways that affect our daily lives and business practices; some of these changes have affected dental offices throughout the country. Beyond simply setting up a website for your practice, you can find that you need to keep up with shifting digital marketing strategies to make sure people can find you on Google and in other relevant spaces. MDPM Dental Marketing provides sustained support after your website is made live to help you grow your reach organically. One way we do so is by providing original, relevant site copy for blog posts and different pages. The links, keywords, and metadata we generate in making those posts give you several benefits concerning your ability to reach potential patients.

The improvements in AI-generating programs like ChatGPT may raise questions about the role computer-produced language can play in the medical field. Because these programs can generate longer content in the forms of blogs, essays, and website copy, you may have questions about their impact on digital marketing. For dental offices and other medical practices, there are risks to relying on automated writing. Accuracy issues can leave you vulnerable to false advertising, which can carry serious penalties as a healthcare provider. You also lose out on the ability to hone your writing to fit your specific practice and local audience. More generally, Google’s recent algorithm update raises concerns that less original, computer-generated content can negatively impact search engine optimization (SEO).

The Growth And Improvement In Chatbots And Automated Content Generation

Updates to ChatGPT and other AI language models will continue to be made. Because the technology is still developing, we have no way of gauging its ultimate potential for digital marketing. At its current state, the advancements in these programs have led to exciting successes, but there are still limitations in what these language models can do that can create problems for your SEO. While these programs draw from an incredible wealth of information, they lack the means to examine the accuracy of what they find. This means incorrect or misleading information is never flagged by the program, which will present everything it finds as correct. The use of predictive language can also lead to predictable, less stimulating writing, something that can actually hurt your site’s visibility on Google thanks to recent algorithm updates.

Can AI-Generated Content Hurt Your SEO?

This past March, Google implemented a broad core algorithm update. Updates at this scale can impact websites across many different fields; this latest update appears to have affected sites that discuss matters of health and wellness. Reviews of the changes have found that sites with lower EEAT (Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) scores are vulnerable to having their search engine rankings lowered.

Generally speaking, EEAT focuses on the usefulness and value of a website, something you can establish in many ways. One way is through your content. We take care to provide original, accurate information to elevate this score and help you reach more people. While ChatGPT can check for plagiarism, content quality and accuracy cannot be gauged. As a result, these programs can produce less reliable information that actually hurts your site’s value according to Google’s search algorithm.

AI Writing And Accuracy Concerns

Online marketing is important to the health of your dental marketing. With that said, it is something you have to approach carefully in order to stay safe from accusations that you are sharing incorrect or misleading information. Sharing details about patient care that are misleading or inaccurate can lead to problems with the American Dental Association as well as legal difficulties! At this time, AI language models cannot check to see if the information they just reviewed is accurate or current. Because of this, you can receive text that has outdated, confusing, or incorrect language about your services. It may be safe to assume that these models will become more accurate in time, but the risk associated with a single flawed detail is not one to take lightly.

We Provide Original And Organic Content That Is Specific To Your Practice

Beyond making sure your site copy is original, relevant, and accurate, we can produce content for your website that speaks specifically to your practice and services. Dental practices differ in their technology and treatment options. They also serve different communities that respond to different kinds of outreach. By focusing on your practice and what you need from us on an individual basis, we can help you enjoy better marketing and better SEO!

Maintaining A Sustainable Approach To Digital Marketing

Online marketing support can start with the creation or redesign of your practice’s website, but it should continue beyond the time your new or improved site is made public. We offer continued assistance through SEO-friendly content creation, social media activity, reputation management services, and site support. We also monitor changes in SEO and marketing trends so that we can adjust how we support your dental office when necessary. Keeping up with shifting trends helps you avoid a frustrating situation where a change outside your control suddenly hurts your ability to reach people and schedule new appointments.

Talk To MDPM Dental Marketing About The Role The Right Content Can Play In Online Marketing

Changes in AI writing, search engine algorithms, and website technology all have the potential to affect the “right” approach to digital marketing. We can work closely with you to make sure your website and online activities are effective at keeping you visible and lengthening your patient list. If you would like to find out more, please contact MDPM Dental Marketing at 972.781.8861!