Mobile-First Indexing In 2017

Last year, we mentioned that Google would be rolling out mobile first indexing in 2017. Well, the time has come! We’re excited by this development because it highlights what we and other marketing companies have been saying for years: mobile is the future. Now more than ever, without a mobile-friendly site, your rankings, and the user experience of potential clients, can suffer. Fortunately, there are ways to start preparing for this big change.

What is Mobile First Indexing?

Before the popularity of smartphones skyrocketed, Google placed priority on searches that were performed on desktops. Now, since more people use their phones or a tablet (64 percent of Americans now own a smartphone!), Google is placing priority on websites that are responsive and mobile-friendly. This new method of indexing will take effect this year. For some, this may be cause for panic, but for others this is a new opportunity to enjoy improved rankings.

How Do I Prepare?

Do you have a mobile site? If not, then there’s a chance this new focus on indexing could hurt your rankings. However, if you have a mobile-option, then you have nothing to worry about. You can still run a TXT test (to make sure Google’s bots are crawling and indexing you), and check your site configuration (to ensure your configuration is mobile-friendly). In addition, this change also means a new focus on geolocation. Google has noticed that more “near me” searches for businesses are performed on smartphones than laptops, meaning optimizing your site for mobile use, and employing local SEO (search engine optimization) techniques could pay off very soon.

MDPM Consulting Can Help!

Do you have any questions about this change? Unsure if this will impact your website or not? Then give our team a call! We can look at your site to see if you need to make changes in order to be ready for mobile-first indexing. We can also create an attractive and easy-to-navigate website for mobile use.

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