Making Sure Your Local SEO Is Holiday Ready

The holidays are just weeks away! Are you ready? As dental professionals, you’ll be seeing people for last minute appointments before the year ends. You also want to make sure you’re ready for the new year as well. To help, we’re going to include a handy little check list (feel free to check it twice) in today’s blog, to make sure your team and your local SEO are updated and ready for the season!

Local SEO Checklist

  1. Updated Hours on GMB: Will you be having special holiday hours? If so, make sure your Google My Business page reflects this. In addition, make sure to let your patients know when you’ll be closed for the holidays on your website and on social media. The end of the year is often a bit of a frenzy, with people trying to squeeze last minute procedures in and use the last of their dental insurance benefits. Make sure they have the information they need!
  2. NAP Accurate: Your name, address, and photograph should be the same across your social media, website, and Google My Business page. Do a quick search online and make sure this is the case. Having multiple numbers of addresses can be confusing, enough so that a potential patient may instead opt to go somewhere else. This can also have a negative impact on your local SEO. So, make sure all your contact information is updated and consistent.
  3. Social Media Updated: Are you offering any specials or holiday promotions? Any new hours or time off coming up? Let people know! Social media is an excellent way to keep people updated about what’s happening at your practice, so take advantage of that.
  4. Website Updated: You can add information about promotions to your website. In addition, make sure your website still reflects the procedures you offer. Also, be sure your staff bios and information is updated as well. We want your website to be ready to go when 2018 arrives.
  5. Staff Informed About Promotions: Be sure everyone on your team knows what specials you’re offering. They can then answer questions online or on the phone, and may also be able to discuss these promotions with people outside of the office!

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