How Online Reviews Impact SEO

In our last blog, we discussed how online reviews can help people be more willing to give your practice a chance. In today’s blog, we want to expand on this topic a little. We’re going to discuss how online reviews can help SEO and are an essential part of your reputation management strategy.

The Benefits of Positive Reviews

Google takes a lot into account when ranking the results of a user’s search. After all, their goal is to provide excellent user experience and direct someone to the exact websites they need for their search. So, when they Google a dentist in your community, Google will look at things like well-designed website, original copy, local SEO, mobile-friendliness, a social media presence, and of course, reviews. For example, if the search giant sees you have none, or few positive ones, and there’s another practice in your community or nearby with tons of positive reviews, which is more likely to be directed to someone?

What Happens If I Have None?

If you have no reviews, then you need to add them. As you can probably guess, Google prefers reviews posted on a Google My Business page. Check out our previous blog, where we highlight ways to encourage positive reviews. Some tips include:

  • Asking as they check out after a visit
  • Offering a small incentive, such as a gift card for a cup of coffee
  • Making clickable links to your Google and Facebook pages prominent on your website

These steps can make the process easier and help you accrue more positive testimonials from current patients.

The Don’ts of Online Reviews

Remember, Google’s bots are incredibly advanced, after all, they can spot duplicate copy and content riddled with errors. The same goes for reviews. They can tell if you’ve stuffed your page with fake ones and will rank your website accordingly. In addition, don’t try to delete negative reviews. Instead, respond calmly and politely, asking them to contact you to find a solution to their problem. You want to always appear professional, and arguing online where everyone can see won’t help. If you have any questions about reputation management, then contact our tam today!

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