How Does A Mobile Design Impact SEO?

Search engine optimization involves using content, keywords, NAP information, and link building strategies, among other techniques, to help your website land on a higher spot on a search engine results page. The entire enterprise is designed to help people looking for your services in your community find you. One often overlooked aspect of a successful SEO strategy is being mobile. How does a mobile design impact SEO?

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile and SEO

Question: Does Google place emphasis on mobile?

Answer: Yes! Starting earlier this year, Google began mobile-first indexing. Which means that websites that are mobile-friendly are given priority over sites that aren’t. After all, Google’s goal is user experience. Directing someone to a site that is difficult to look at one a smartphone or tablet isn’t providing an enjoyable user experience.

Question: How do I know if my site is mobile-friendly?

Answer: Pick up your phone and look at your site. Do you have to manually resize it? Is it difficult to see or navigate? If so, then you may not have a responsive website. Conversely, is the navigation hidden behind an icon and is the homepage simple and easy to view on your phone or tablet? Then you’re good!

Question: Do users prefer responsive websites?

Answer: Absolutely! In fact, people will exit a non-responsive site in seconds. Why bother with the irritation? In addition, studies show that more people now use a smartphone to surf the web than a desktop or laptop. Mobile is here to stay and if you don’t have a site ready for this, you could limit your ability to draw in new leads. After all, would you trust your smile with someone using an outdated website? Wouldn’t you also worry that other aspects of the practice are outdated as well?

Question: What if I need a redesign?

Answer: Then we can help! We can look at your website and see if you need a redesign or a brand new one (you should have a new one every three to five years to ensure you aren’t still relying on outdated design aspects).

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