How to Build a Rapport Through Social Media

Let’s face it, most doctors and dentists aren’t the most savvy when it comes to navigating social media. Rather than risk making a blunder and damaging their brand, or leaving themselves open to negative comments and trolls, many choose to ignore it altogether. But social media is today’s TV and radio; it’s where most people get their information, so businesses need to learn how to become prominent online. The good news is that building a good and lasting rapport with patients on social media isn’t as tricky as it may seem. You may even be surprised at the level of brand loyalty such a rapport creates for your practice!

Tell Your Story

Like watching a good TV show or listening to a good song on the radio, people don’t want their newsfeeds cluttered with ads. Sharing to social media is most effective when you share something personal to you or your practice, rather than just promoting a service. Many of our clients receive the most likes and shares when their posts celebrate a staff member’s work anniversary or showcase their involvement within the community.

Share With the Community

Speaking of community, it’s important to remember that your patients and potential patients all live within the same community as you do, or close by. As a community, people are more apt to support local businesses, and will appreciate businesses that support each other. If you have patients who own small businesses, or a nearby store or restaurant that you appreciate and want to support, then like and share their business pages and updates, as well. Most businesses return the appreciation, expanding both of your audiences exponentially.

Always Respond (Even to Negativity)

One of the biggest roadblocks to overcoming anxiety about social media is the prospect of negative reviews. Most review boards can’t guarantee false reviews will be blocked, and even existing patients may have something negative to say, which they may exaggerate when venting online. The good news is that occasional bad reviews don’t make or break a practice, but it’s important that you always respond, even to negativity. Respond to positive reviews and comments by expressing your appreciation and joy at having them as your patients. Conversely, address negative comments politely and professionally, inviting a calm and friendly resolution.

Social media is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to marketing and community engagement. If you’re ready to take advantage of your social media to boost your online presence, but aren’t sure where to start, we can help! Email MDPM Consulting at, or give us a call at 972-781-8861!