Improving Your Local SEO In 2018

When you think about improving your local SEO, you probably assume much of this is an inordinately complicated task. While there are a lot of details that a qualified SEO company can handle for you, many steps are simple and can be completed by you or your staff. In today’s blog, we’re looking at some simple tips for better local SEO in 2018.

Keywords and Link Building Strategies

Keywords, when used properly, can help lead a person to your site. You should avoid stuffing them (using more than five to seven per page) and they should be long tail, which means phrased in a way that mimics how we search. Instead of typing “Dallas dentist” we tend to search “Where can I find a dentist in Dallas?” so the keyword “find a dentist in Dallas” would be optimal.

Likewise, a link building strategy, which means leaving links to relevant pages and blog posts, can also provide an SEO boost. Again, you should limit the amount of links per page to three to five, and make sure they lead to relevant content. For example, a cosmetic dentistry page that has a link to your teeth whitening page, or a teeth whitening blog with a link to past whitening blogs and your contact page.

Consistent Information on GMB and Social Media

How often have you looked for a business or practice, only to find conflicting information regarding the address and phone number? To prevent this, be sure you claim and update your Google My Business page. You should have one listing and make sure the information on the listing is the same on your website and your Facebook and other social media pages as well. You also want to try and encourage positive reviews from your patients in your Google My Business page and Facebook age, as reviews are often the first thing someone looks at when deciding whether to make an appointment or not.

Mobile-Friendly Website

When you look at your website on a smartphone or tablet, do you see a miniature version of your desktop site, which is then difficult to navigate and use? If so, then you need to have a mobile-friendly website. If you don’t, we can help you redesign and update your website so it is responsive and mobile-friendly.

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