5 Tips For Improved User Experience

User experience is everything. After all, Google’s method of organizing SERP pages is literally designed to improve user experience by offering people a page of optimal results for their query. As a dentist, improving SEO and online marketing means also ensuring a good user experience. What steps can you take to improve?

Tips for Better User Experience

  1. Go Mobile: We use our smartphones to look online more than we use desktops or laptops. So, when we encounter a site that’s not mobile-friendly, we tend to give up in a matter of seconds. Being mobile-friendly not only improves user experience, but Google also recently implemented mobile-first indexing.
  2. Don’t Be Afraid of Empty Space: In the past, websites were busy. Now, users prefer a more streamlined and clean esthetics, one with a larger hero image as the focus. Empty space can help the site look slick and professional, while a busy design that is cluttered simply looks out of date and amateurish.
  3. Limit Navigation: As with a clean, flat design, mobile has also influenced our tastes in web design with limited or hidden navigation. Instead of having a labyrinth of multiple pages, we prefer a website with fewer pages, or one very organized so navigating pages is simple and intuitive.
  4. Incorporate Local SEO: Local is bigger than ever. As a dentist, you don’t need to rank nationally, you need to rank high in a search for a practice in your community and surrounding cities. Local keywords, link building strategies, and accurate NAP (name, address, phone number) on your site, social media, and Google My Business page is essential.
  5. Content, Content, Content: What does Google look for when ranking sites? Content. What will catch a person’s eye when looking at your site and deicing who to see for their oral health needs? Content. The copy and mages you use are important. Your content needs to be original, not duplicate or template, but unique and well-written.

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