What Makes A Good Design?

Do you ever visit the Wayback Machine? This little website is an archive of the web, allowing you to see websites of old. You can then chuckle at the poor esthetics and horrendous design choices, such as background midi music. But even if you visit the long-ago days of 2010 or 2012 (which would contain our old website if you really want to see how far things have come!), you’ll find everything appears to be very outdated. What we consider “good design” changes frequently. For that reason, we often suggest clients consider a complete redesign every three to five years. With that in mind, what is considered a “good design?”


Mobile is changing how we approach navigation. Just a few years ago, website navigation was nearly a labyrinth of links and related pages. Now, the nav at the top pf your age is maybe six or seven links, even the number of pages are limited. More and more, we’re embracing simplicity. Some sites are even mimicking their mobile versions by having the navigation hidden under an icon.


Since 2013 really, we’ve been all about a flat UX. Now, we are seeing websites add more depth to their design, but overall the clean, clutter-free flat esthetic is preferred.

Great Esthetics

Your site should look good! After all, we absolutely judge a book by its cover online. Colors shouldn’t clash, the scheme shouldn’t be so bright we feel like we need sunglasses, or so dark we have trouble finding links. Homepages usually have a central hero image and aren’t afraid of empty spaces.

Mobile Ready

The big one: your website needs to be mobile ready! We already mentioned how the rise of mobile is impacting design. In fact, Google is now giving these sites priority when ranking. A mobile site means that when you look at it on your phone, you see a different, cleaner version that is easy to scroll and navigate, not just a tinier, cramped version of your desktop site.

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