How Does Shape And Line Impact My Design?

Often, good design means incorporating psychological principles. We’ve mentioned in a previous blog how color can impact mood and subsequently impact the feelings your website will convey. Well, shapes and lines can also impact your design. Understanding these principles can help you create a website that better reflects the atmosphere of your practice, reaching potential patients with greater success.

Psychology and Web Design

Psychology is an important factor in the process, as this can inform the way you use shapes, lines, colors, and other graphic design aspects. With this in mind, look at other dentists’ sites. Write down the motion or feeling you have when you see it, then take notes of the shapes, colors, and lines they use. This can help you gain an understanding of how to use shape and line to draw the eye or reflect the environment you want your practice to convey.


The shapes you incorporate can definitely have an impact on how people perceive your site. You may use geometric shapes with defined boundaries or organic shapes that don’t have clear boundaries. Ovals, circles, and ellipses tend to suggest friendship, calmness, and a sense of positivity. Conversely, squares and triangles may strike a chord of balance and strength.


Understanding the way lines can impact your website’s mood and atmosphere is important as well. For example, did you know that vertical lines may offer a feeling a strength or even aggression? You can also use them to covey movement or guide the user’s eye to certain places on the page. In addition, remember that the lines don’t have to be visible, they can be suggested or used in the design stage to help layout your site. If you have any questions, give us a call! Remember, we have talented graphic designers that understand the psychology of design and can help you create a dental website that unique to you and your services.

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