How Certain Design Elements Impact People

When designing a website, you have to keep in mind the impact your esthetic choices can have on patients. Did you know that certain colors, images, and shapes can elicit certain responses from people? Knowing this can help you perfect your overall esthetic and appeal to potential patients. But if used correctly, you could inadvertently begin turning people away. You should know how certain design elements impact people!


When you employ shapes like triangles and squares, you imply balance and strength. Ovals, ellipses, and circles tend to create a sense of positivity, calmness, and even friendship. Whether you use geometric shapes (which have become more popular in 2017) or organic shapes with no clearly defined boundaries, you should know these can impact how others perceive your site.


Warm colors, such as red, yellow, and orange, can suggest excitement, youth, and power. Cooler colors, such as green and blue, can offer a sense of peace and calm. When you choose colors, also keep in mind that you want text to be readable, you don’t want overly bright colors or over dark shades, as this could hinder reading. Also, be aware of how the shades you choose fit on the color wheel. Otherwise, you could end up with clashing shades, such as red and green (together, these two colors are incredibly hard for the eye to process.)


A line can be clearly laid on your webpage, merely suggested by the design, or used only in the design stage to aid in your website’s layout. No matter which route you go, you should know what lines can suggest. You can use lines to draw a patient’s eye, create a sense of chaos or control. Vertical lines can imply aggression and strength, for example.

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