4 Ways To Fight Distractions

Do you ever have those days where you find yourself giving in to the pull of social media, or focusing on anything besides work? Whether you’re in an office environment or a dental practice, distractions from work can pop up and make focusing on any task difficult. Fortunately, there are ways to help fight distractions and keep your focus!

Tips for Combating Distractions At Work

  1. Turn Off Social Media Notifications: What could be more fun than the little ding on your phone that lets you know someone has posted or shared something with you? However, since many of us have three or more social media accounts we’re active on, this could be mean a barrage of distractions throughout the day. You may consider turning off your notifications so your phone doesn’t ding or buzz during work, saving your social media perusal for breaks and lunch time.
  2. Get Up and Move: If you feel stuck, then get up and move. Take a break from filing forms and making calls and take a brief walk around the office, or head to the break room for a glass of water. Just a little movement can help you feel more alert. Some people even perform short office workouts, which you can find with a simple Google search.
  3. Don’t Delay the Tough Stuff: Just get it over with. If you have a tough task or call you’ve been dreading, then don’t delay it. The anxiety will only build and can impact other aspects of your job. Don’t delay the tough stuff, face it head and the rest of your day will be a lot less stressful!
  4. Eat Healthier Meals: If you eat a lot of heavy, greasy foods, such as anything from the myriad of fast food places in waking distance of your office or practice, then you can feel sluggish after lunch. A light lunch, one with lots of vegetables and fruits, can help you avoid the heavy, tired feeling fast food can bring. You can also choose healthier snacks throughout the day, such as veggies, dairy products (cheeses or low-fat yogurt) or nuts.

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