Quiz: How Can My Site Improve User Experience?

The key to effective SEO (search engine optimization) is having the same goal as Google: user experience. The search giant wants users to have no difficulty finding the sites and resources they’re looking for. For you, user experience means people can easily navigate your site and find the information they need. What can you do to improve user experience? To give you a few pointers, we’ve made a fun quiz!

Take Our Quiz on User Experience!

  1. True or False: Your site should be mobile friendly.
  2. True or False: You should update your design every three to five years.
  3. True or False: Content should be relevant and original.
  4. True or False: Your citations should be the same.

Answer Key

  1. True. More people use a smartphone to access the web than a desktop or laptop. This means having a non-mobile friendly site can irritate people and cause them to turn away from your site. You risk losing potential patients simply because your website is hard to navigate and/or view on a smartphone.
  2. True. The world of design changes quickly. In fact, we’ve recently written blogs on the biggest design changes coming in 2017. If you have an outdated design, then people may assume your approach to dentistry and the technology at your disposal is outdated as well. After all, a website is a first introduction to your business and essential for providing a good first impression.
  3. True. Even if you have a slick new website, user experience means providing relevant content. Your content, whether blog or webpage, should be original, well-written, and contain information useful to the patient. For example, your webpages should cover services and contact information. Your blog should address frequent issues or questions that your patients might pose.
  4. True. Does the information on your contact page and home page match? Do you have the same information on your business page and social media accounts? Your citations (name, address, phone number) should be the same across the board.

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