Have You Received A Suspicious Bill? Let Us Know!

We’ve written about this topic before, but it always bears repeating: If you receive a bill or a letter threatening a lawsuit that seems suspicious, let us know. Often, dentists and other business owners receive legitimate looking, but completely false, letters seeking to extort cash. One of the more common ones is the domain listing scam.

The Domain Listing Scam

We’ve had one client receive a bill for their domain listing. We’ve also heard of many other dentists finding the same thing in their mailbox, and unfortunately paying it. Often, buried in the fine print is a disclaimer that this is not in fact a bill for services rendered, but something a dentist voluntarily signs onto. The scam counts on dentists to be too busy to properly examine the bill and instead just pay it. If the “company” is caught in the scam, they shut down and rebrand as a totally new one, targeting more dental professionals. If you’re a client of ours, or any other marketing company, then you own your domain and don’t need to pay for any “listings.”

Domain Name Scam

Sometimes, a dental professional finds a very legitimate looking bill asking for them to renew their domain name. If you’re a client, we handle this process for you. However, if you do have your domain registered elsewhere, then you may need to renew. If you’ve never received a domain renewal bill and suddenly do, let us know! We can take a look and see if this is legitimate, or if this is an attempt to defraud your practice.

Lawsuit Threats

These are less common, but still occasionally happen. In your mail is a letter from an attorney claiming you owe money, either due to a lawsuit, copyright infringement, or for some other shoddy reason. While you owe them a great deal of money, they’re willing to settle for a smaller amount should you cut them a check right away (or money order, or cashier’s check, they get sloppy). Don’t. Have us or any legal representation you may have look at the letter to assess its authenticity. These are often more, admittedly less sophisticated, attempts to defraud your practice.

Do you have questions about possible scams? Never send out any money for suspicious bills, let us know right away! Send an email to MDPM Consulting at info@mdpmconsulting.com, or give us a call at 972-781-8861!